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Question from a Reader, Answers in Comments

Posting this for a friend. She’s 19 years old and was born in puerto rico. When she went to get her drivers license she realized they misspelled her name on her birth certificate. All they did was switch two letters. Like “tihs”. Would she have to go through the process of legally changing her name? The weird part is that on her US social security card its spelled correctly.

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  1. m7870 says:

    Ask Obama.

  2. michelob86 says:

    No. She just has to call the Puerto Rico Vital Records Department and request a correction on the certificate. There’s probably a form to fill out.

  3. ? says:

    The weird part just was on her yourself social security card? Get out of here…

  4. Randy says:

    She just have to call the Puerto Rico Vital Records Department, request and ask for a correction on the certificate. There’s a form to fill out for this.

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