Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puerto Rico Babymoon

Heard about a "Babymoon"?

A babymoon isn't just for pregnant brides to celebrate their honeymoons, it is also a great time for a mom-and-dad-to-be to get away, reconnect and enjoy being together before the arrival of their baby.

Puerto Rico has some marvelous places to stay during a Babymoon. You can stay at a 5-star resort or "rough it" at a private hotel that only allows 5-6 couples to stay at a time. Walk the Blue Flag beaches Puerto Rico is famous for and enjoy the sand and surf - just the two of you.

For a mom-to-be there may not be wine and romance - however if the doctor says it's okay - there's no reason you can't enjoy some romantic, cheek to cheek dancing, quiet walks along the beaches or a week at a mountain cabin. There are hundreds of things to do for your Babymoon and Puerto Rico is ready and waiting.

Make sure that you have your passport and travel papers in order and if you don't, contact us and let us help you put it all together fast and easy. We can not only obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate, we can also handle your passport needs as well.

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