Saturday, October 3, 2009

Looking for Things to Do in Puerto Rico?

If you're planning a trip to Puerto Rico and you're curious about what to do for fun; here are a few ideas that the locals will be enjoying. Over the next several weeks:

Puerto Rico Hustle & Salsa Festival in San Juan - Thursday, 15 Oct 2009 through October 18, 2009. Competitions - San Juan and Metro - San Juan

To witness the best salsa dancing ever seen, Billy Fajardo, Tito Ortos, Tamara Livolsi and Albert Torres once again invite dance enthusiasts to join them at the 4th Annual Puerto Rico Hustle & Salsa Festival.

If you're a fleet manager, you may find new networking contacts at the Convencion 2009 Assoc. Gerentes de Flota de PR in San Juan - Thursday, 05 Nov 2009 Business - San Juan and Metro - San Juan. This event sponsored by the Fleet Managers Association of Puerto Rico.

Christian film fan? Check out the International Christian Short Film and Art Design Festival 2009 in Mayaguez - Friday 20 Nov 2009 Festivals - Mayaguez - Mayaguez. This festival is free of charge to attend.

Those are just a few of the upcoming "off the beaten path" events you can enjoy in Puerto Rico. Remember, even though it's a US territory and you don't need a passport to enter Puerto Rico, you will need one to re-enter the United States. Call our offices today or use this form to make sure your travel documents are completely up to date.

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