Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Curious About Your Puerto Rican Rum? Visit a Distillery

One of the most popular rums in the world happens to be from Puerto Rico and if you're planning a vacation to the beautiful island, why not book a tour at the Bacardi Rum Distillery?

The Bacardi Rum Distillery is the largest of its kind in the world and is only a 15-minute drive from San Juan. During a tour of the facility, you will be able to experience what is referred to as "Cathedral of Rum."

Tours go through everything from the vast fermentation vats to the high-speed bottling machinery is at work and on display. Not a lot of walking on this tour either, a trolley takes you to the Bacardi family museum, where a history of the product and landmarks in its development are seen.

To answer your question, yes you get to sample the wares. Your tour ends at the lofty, bat-like pavilion, which you may have seen if you have gazed across San Juan Bay from the southern walls of the Old City. Here you can sample the world-famous rum and buy souvenirs or a variety of Bacardi products at the gift shop to take back to your jealous friends and relatives.

There is an annual Bacardi Arts and Crafts Fair which is a two-day event - call ahead and book your tour to coincide with this fest and you'll have a blast. For information on the rum tour and fest call (787) 788-1500.

Need a passport or birth certificate to make this tour a reality? Let us take the pain out of the paperwork - we'll get your paperwork processed quickly and painlessly and you can start the process by simply contacting our offices at 855-715-1062 or filling out this form.

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