Saturday, October 31, 2009

Question - What Kind of Documents Do I Need to go to Puerto Rico?

[Question] I want to plan a surprise trip to Puerto Rico for my family, what documents will my wife, myself and our two children need to travel?

[Answer from Puerto Rico Travel Guide] What a great gift for your family! In order to travel to Puerto Rico from the United States - you will need passports for each member of your family. We can help you if you need to obtain new passports or simply renew your passports by walking your applications through and making it a fast and seamless process from start to finish.

Additionally, you will need to start the process by providing identifying information such as a driver's license or state-issued i.d.; or a certified copy of your birth certificate - which we can also help you obtain.

If you're ready to start planning your vacation now, let our office help you get your travel docs zipped up tight and ready to go. You can start the process by placing a call to our offices today at 855-715-1062 or visit our order form and we'll get started right now.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winter Break is Coming - Start Planning PuertoRico Now

It's almost November, this year while the kids are on Thanksgiving or Winter break from school, plan to beat the snow and winter here in the US, and take an exotic vacation in sunny Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is quietly becoming one of the most affordable tourist destinations for travelers looking for an economical yet exotic vacation. Filled with Caribbean sites and literally something for everyone - Puerto Rico may very well become your new favorite destination. There are mountains on the east side, dense jungles in the south and beautiful Blue Flag rated beaches surround the island nation.

All you need to visit sunny Puerto Rico is a current passport for every member of your family. If you need to make sure you meet the travel requirements or you need to obtain or renew your passport - let us help you make a winter break vacation a reality. Just call our offices today at 855-715-1062 or visit our order form and start planning your exotic holiday getaway now.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Any Places Tourists Should Avoid When Visiting Puerto Rico?

Ready to go to Puerto Rico but heard traveling in the Caribbean isn't safe?
Puerto Rico is very safe, obviously use commonsense no matter where you travel and keep your valuables out of site and use hotel safes for anything you can't replace if you're worried about the honesty of the hotel or resort workers. Lock your doors when you're in your room and obviously when you leave.

We've traveled back and forth from the U.S. to P.R. numerous times over the years and have only found one area in San Juan that you should avoid. La Perla, a pretty name for a not-so-pretty, crime ridden area. San Juan has the same problems as any other urban metropolis and as long as you follow the same tourism tips you would follow anywhere else, you can easily avoid becoming a statistic. Puerto Rico has public housing areas called "caserios" and generally they are economically downtrodden areas off the tourist path. Avoid those areas and you should have a safe and fabulous vacation.

Overall, Puerto Rico is a very safe destination for tourists and you can't go wrong with a visit to the west side of the island where San German and Rincon are located - it's well worth the trip.

You can't go without a passport and you'll need a certified copy of your birth certificate to get that, call our offices today at 855-715-1062 or visit our order form to get started right now.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Curious About Your Puerto Rican Rum? Visit a Distillery

One of the most popular rums in the world happens to be from Puerto Rico and if you're planning a vacation to the beautiful island, why not book a tour at the Bacardi Rum Distillery?

The Bacardi Rum Distillery is the largest of its kind in the world and is only a 15-minute drive from San Juan. During a tour of the facility, you will be able to experience what is referred to as "Cathedral of Rum."

Tours go through everything from the vast fermentation vats to the high-speed bottling machinery is at work and on display. Not a lot of walking on this tour either, a trolley takes you to the Bacardi family museum, where a history of the product and landmarks in its development are seen.

To answer your question, yes you get to sample the wares. Your tour ends at the lofty, bat-like pavilion, which you may have seen if you have gazed across San Juan Bay from the southern walls of the Old City. Here you can sample the world-famous rum and buy souvenirs or a variety of Bacardi products at the gift shop to take back to your jealous friends and relatives.

There is an annual Bacardi Arts and Crafts Fair which is a two-day event - call ahead and book your tour to coincide with this fest and you'll have a blast. For information on the rum tour and fest call (787) 788-1500.

Need a passport or birth certificate to make this tour a reality? Let us take the pain out of the paperwork - we'll get your paperwork processed quickly and painlessly and you can start the process by simply contacting our offices at 855-715-1062 or filling out this form.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yeah There's a Gilligan's Island in Puerto Rico

One destination that is gaining popularity with destination weddings and honeymooners alike is Gilligan's Island.

It really has nothing to do with the television show, however it is very private. Imagine a tropical paradise with white sand beaches, mazes of mangroves, crystal clear waters and just a handful or so of other residents on "your" island.

This is an ideal place to plan a private, no stress family vacation, a romantic getaway for just the two of you or even a destination wedding following by a private honeymoon in a place where both bride and groom as well as their guests can enjoy the private paradise.

The shallow waters around Gilligan's Island hold fantastic opportunities for snorkeling because the waters are so visually clear and they are teaming with marine life. Be sure to take your underwater camera on this retreat!

Gilligan's Island is formerly known as Guánica and is between Mayagüez and Ponce in the southwest. For more information, please call: (787) 821-4941.

If you're ready to book your trip, make sure you have a current passport that meets the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative compliance regulations or you can find yourself denied re-entry into the United States. Start the process here for a new passport or a renewal or feel free to contact our offices if you have any questions at 855-715-1062.

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