Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puerto Rico Fights Back From Loss of Tourism Dollars

Earlier this year, American Airlines very quietly canceled a full 20 percent of their flights to the Caribbean including Puerto Rico and on Monday, the Governor of Puerto Rico Anibal Acevedo-Villa urged for tourism dependent regional governments to join him in lobbying against the carriers that cut back on flights and to create a unified front, including marketing plans, collaborations with other carriers and also proposing offering new incentives to carriers.

Another proposal to keep Puerto Rico's crown as a popular tourist destination is by cutting the landing fees to the carriers. Currently carriers such as JetBlue,. Spirit, Continental and Delta have all expressed great interest in taking advantage of these perks to bring flights to Puerto Rico, however this will fill less than half the void left by American Airlines lack of service.

Puerto Rico has allotted 4 million dollars to boost its travel and tourism industry as well as boost its appeal to the various cruise lines. What does this mean to you - the consumer? This means that Puerto Rico may be one of the most elegant and affordable vacations around in the coming months. With the drain on tourism, hotels will book rooms at better rates and all-inclusive resorts may be running specials as well. Get with your travel agent, update your passport and get ready to explore the finest Puerto Rico has to offer, even if you're on a budget!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Visit the Island of Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico is one of those places that have a lot more to offer that you may think. Of course, there is the requisite blazing sun, beautiful beaches and fruit drinks with umbrellas in them, but there is more there than meets the eye.

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is a mix of several different influences and cultures. What type of activities you can do is completely up to you and what type of holiday you are looking for when you're making your travel plans to Puerto Rico. If you are looking for luxury and a little pampering there are several nice hotels and many gorgeous spa resorts as well if that is something that may interest you.

Or if you are looking for a little more excitement there is more nightlife than you can enjoy in a week. No matter what your tastes, you will find it there. When the shops close a whole new San Juan opens up with unbridled energy as well. There are casinos and bars, or if you like the idea of nightlife, but don't really care for quite so much activity there are many restaurants on the beach that are open late and you can have your drinks outside on the patio that looks out over the gorgeous moonlit water. Perfect for that quiet special night that you are just not quite ready to let go of yet.

Puerto Rico is rich with history and you can take advantage of the many sightseeing tours available or strike out on your own to discover this island paradise.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Romantic Rincon - Affordable and Exotic Honeymoon Destination

If you're looking for a beautiful destination for your honeymoon or romantic vacation with your honey, consider the well-kept secret of Rincon in Puerto Rico.

Most people think "Puerto Rico" and the spicy night life of San Juan springs to mind - however Puerto Rico is much more than that. There are beautiful, pristine beaches, gorgeous mountains to marvel at and even the diving is over the top.

The town of Rincón is known as a Mecca for surfers around the world and it also has a a brisk business as for whale lovers as well as leatherback sea turtles to come observe these beautiful animals. The town's private location as well as it's magnificent sunsets allow it to be a prime candidate for anyone that wants to make some extra special romantic getaway plans.
The Rincon Beach Resort is currently running a special that goes through December 21, 2008 called the Romantic Adventure Package and it includes:
• three-nights’ accommodations for two in a romantic oceanfront Junior Suite, plus a fourth night at no extra cost
• two full-day surfing lessons with a professional from Rincón Surf School
• a post-lesson massage in the room
• daily full American breakfast
In addition, couples receive a welcome cocktail and a stylish tote bag.

The price for all this fun is just $428 per night, per couple, and all taxes, gratuities, and service charges are included in the rate.

Get your travel documents together for Puerto Rico and come check out beautiful Rincon, Puerto Rico!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do the New Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Regulations Affect Travel to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is quietly becoming a place for destination weddings, honeymoon excursions and family vacations and the reason why is simple: it's warm and balmy no matter when you visit with daily highs averaging 80-86 all year round, very affordable and whether you love mountains or the ocean, you'll get both in Puerto Rico.

The peak tourist season is between December and April and makes a great escape from the ice and snow most North Americans are experiencing. May through November make for a less crowded time but you have to remember that time frame is hurricane season with it peaking in August.

Puerto Rico is balmy year round, with daily highs averaging between 27-30°C (80-86°F). Hurricane season is between May and November, especially intense in the months of August, September and October. Otherwise rain is fairly regular throughout the year, with February and March being slightly drier than other months.

Now comes the part many people are confused about, will you need extra documentation to meet the requirements under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative? Texas Tower has a free sheet that gives a consumer-friendly overview of how to meet the requirements so you aren't stranded at your jump off point or delayed on re-entry to the United States.

Puerto Rico is currently not covered under the Spring enactment of the of the WHTI and no passport is required, however that could change in the future so be sure to check with a professional passport service like Texas Tower, when you're making your plans and you'll have a worry-free time!