Friday, April 25, 2008

Romantic Puerto Rico - Stay at the Chateau Cervantes

Looking for a romantic way to spend your honeymoon or celebrate with the one you love?

One of the best places to celebrate your love is located in Old San Juan at the Chateau Cervantes and this luxury hotel is all about the pampering of your sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing.

Both you and your love will be pampered and bathed in luxury. The Panza, the hotel restraurant has a gourmet feast laid out every single day and also considered to be one of Puerto Rico's 5-star eateries.

It all starts when your plane lands in Puerto Rico. You will have full access to a limo that will pick the two of you up from the airport and whisk you away to your hotel room and once you're there, you will have a butler that is ready to answer to your every whim with a smile.

The beautiful furnishings will make you both feel relaxed from the moment you arrive and you will a glorious time in Puerto Rico , even if you never leave your room!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Fun Destinations BENEATH Puerto Rico

Looking for something to do under Puerto Rico? Get your feet (and the rest of you too!) in the beautiful diving opps that Puerto Rico has to offer.

Fajardo is the gateway to the enchanted island and there is an extensive Cordillera Reef System named the Parallels of Vieques to explore. The brightly colored fishes and this area of the reef is teaming with life. If you don't already have an underwater camera - either bring one or rent one for this dive - you'll want to remember it.

Humacao is located in the eastern part of Puerto Rica and boasts 35 dive sites within a 5-mile radius of the shore. If you're new to diving or you're diving with an inexperienced group - this is an ideal way to explore the coast, see the underwater life and yet not push the limits of new divers. The deepest part of this area is 55-feet, deeper than most beginning sports divers will want to go but more experienced divers will throughly enjoy what this area offers. Additionally, if you dive this area in the spring season, dolphins are frequent visitors and if you've never had the chance to swim with these beautiful, intelligent creatures - make a note to dive this area in the spring and you won't be disappointed.

Guanica is the final jewel in the diving crown of Puerto Rico. And this is one intense dive. Located just off the southwest coast at the Copamarina Beach Resort, one mile offshore; there is an amazing drop off where the marine shelf creates a wall of life that is 22 miles long. This is a truly world class diving experience and one that you better take photos of to show your friends!

If you prefer to visit UNDER your destination instead of sightseeing on the surface - underwater Puerto Rico is waiting to show you a fabulous time!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bird Watching in Puerto Rico!

Love to bird watch? You can pick a more wonderful and close by locale than beautiful Puerto Rico for some excellent bird watching opportunities.

Here are some of the best places to view your favorite feathered friends:

El Yunque National Forest
El Yunque National Forest with a total area is 28,000 acres has an estimated 240 types of tree, and many other plants, such as tiny wild orchids, bamboo trees, giant ferns, and trumpet trees. Hiking trails and rest areas available. El Portal Tropical Forest Center has film exhibits and interactive displays about the rain forest. Open daily 7:30am a 6:00pm.

Las Cabezas de San Juan State Park

Las Cabezas de San Juan State Park located in Fajardo. Embraces a portion of the island's lush tropical rain forests. It also has a scientific research center, which serve as a home of many endangered species. Visitors can explore the reserve along a network of trails and board-walks.

The Island's second oldest lighthouse, El Faro, is located here. Offers a magnificent view that, on a clear day, reaches distant Caribbean islands. The Nature Reserve is open for general and school group tours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and open to the public Friday afternoon through Sunday.

Special rates are available for groups of 20 or more. Reservations are required for all visitors. Tours lasting two and one half hours, are scheduled four times daily: 9:30am, 10am, 10:30am and 2pm. An english tour is available at 2pm.

If you want to see something truly off the beaten path, try Guanica Dry Forest Reserve. The Guanica Forest Reserve is a coastal mangrove forest and has been an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve because of several endangered species found only in Puerto Rico. No camping allowed. Open Mon-Sun 8am - 5pm.

You will need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico, make sure that your traveling papers are up to date and that's all you'll need along with your favorite bird watching gear to have a fabulous time birdwatching in Puerto Rico!

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