Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What To Do in Puerto Rico in December?

Puerto Rico is a very economical getaway and if you're curious about special events that are taking place in December on this island paradise, here are some must see destinations:

  • LeLoLai Festival

    Tuesday, Friday and Saturday until December 27, 2009

    The Cultural and Entertainment Program Le Lo Lai has been in place for over three decades. It was created to foster the Puerto Rican culture through its music and rhythms, and through various events that showcase our Spanish, TaĆ­no Indian and African heritage. The Program currently consists of 6 weekly folkloric music shows, every week of the year, where you will learn about our musical roots, from Bomba and Plena to Salsa.

    This program is part of the new Cultural Tourism trend, by increasing the number of shows available where tourists as well as the general public can have the opportunity to appreciate, enjoy and learn about our culture and music through folkloric dances and also visit tourist attractions nearby.

    For more information about this program, please call (787) 721-2400 Exts. 3901, 3902, 2215, Fax (787) 289-1734 or lelolai@prtourism.com.

    San Cristobal Fort
    Norzagaray St., Old San Juan
    6:00pm - 6:45pm /
    Entrance: $3.00

    Plaza Darsenas, Old San Juan
    Free Entrance

    Plaza Ventana al Mar
    Ashford Avenue, Condado
    8:00pm - 9:00pm
    Free Entrance

  • Romantic Sunset at Paseo de la Princesa

    Every Sunday until December 27, 2009

    Live romantic music every Sunday at Princesa Boardwalk.

    Sundays, 5:30pm. Phone: 787-722-1709

  • Flamenco Show at Barrachiba Restaurant

    Fridays and Saturdays until December 26, 2009

    Barrachina Restaurant, Fortaleza Street, tel. 787-725-7912.

    Fridays and Saturdays - Flamenco show, 8pm to 9pm (include dinner).

  • Bomba & Plena Show

From August 16 to December 27, 2009

Exciting Bomba and Plena Show
Every Sunday at Barracina Restaurant 7:30PM (with dinner)

And those are just 4 fantastic destinations! Remember it all starts with a passport and we can get that rolling for you. Take advantage of the affordable airfare deals and cheap hotel rates Puerto Rico offers and escape the ice and snow(or relatives) in December - call us today at 855-715-1062 to obtain a new or renew your passport and or order your birth certificate and a Puerto Rico vacation is just a short plane ride away.



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