Friday, October 9, 2009

Puerto Rico Vacation Must See - Bioluminescent Bays

If you've never been on the ocean at night, you're missing a literal world of life that only comes out at night.
Visitors to Puerto Rico shouldn't miss a chance to take advantage of a tour of one of the many Bioluminescent Bays in PR.

There are tropical phosphorescent bays located around the globe, but the bays in Puerto Rico are easily accessible. It's best to visit on a moonless night and see a million glowing firefly-like lights shooting through the water. It's actually the bioluminescence generated by microscopic organisms in the water. It is believed to be part of a natural defense system triggered by the movement of predators. Many scientists believe the tiny organisms light up so their predators can see more desirable prey - and thus leave the glowing organisms alone.

One of the best known bays to visit in Puerto Rico is at La Parguera, between Mayagez and Ponce in the southwest of the island. A cottage industry in the village is based on showing the bay to visitors.

The most spectacular display can be found at Mosquito Bay in Vieques, the island municipality off of the main island's northeastern shore. The experience of seeing-and being surrounded by-this eerie light is something you should be sure to make a point to see.

Before you can go, make sure you have your passport and other personal papers in order, you won't need them to go to Puerto Rico, but you will need a passport to re-enter the United States. If you don't have a current passport or you're not sure if your travel papers are completely up-to-date, contact our offices or visit this page.
See you on the bay!


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