Thursday, November 19, 2009

Porta del Sol- Puerto Rico's Beautiful West Coast

Most vacationers hit San Juan and the east and southern sides of Puerto Rico when they visit and true, there is a lot to do there however you need to consider the path less traveled for a true (and inexpensive) Puerto Rico vacation experience.

Activities such as biking, nature loves will love Bio Bay, there are exotic bird watching opportunities, diving, both day and night, incredible fishing, hiking, surfing, among many other natural wonders are all possible in Porta del Sol.

The West Region is formed by seventeen municipalities: Quebradillas, Isabela, San Sebastián, Moca, Aguadilla, Aguada, Rincón, Añasco, Mayagüez, Las Marías, Maricao, Hormigueros, San Germán, Sábana Grande, Guánica, Lajas and Cabo Rojo.Porta del Sol, is home to some of the world’s best beaches and surfing areas. The beach area starts east of Isabela and continues around the coastline to Cabo Rojo. The town of Rincon, known for its beautiful sunsets, is located in the center of the western coast and was highlighted in The Beach Boys’ unofficial surfer’s anthem “Surfing Safari”. Porta del Sol is also “the destination” to some of the finest seafood in Puerto Rico.

From the beauty of Biobay in La Parqugera to the Blue Flag Beaches to surfing and the best seafood in the Caribbean - you can't go wrong with a visit to Puerto Rico's fantastic west coast.

Make sure you have your passport ready, because as of June 2009,it's required to re-enter the US from Puerto Rico or any Caribbean destination. If you're ready to see Porta del Sol, let our office help makeit a reality. Call to our offices today at 855-715-1062 or visit our order form and we'll start making your Porta del Sol getaway something to look forward to.



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