Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Your Puerto Rico Birth Certificate Before July 1, 2010

Normally we cover Puerto Rican travel destinations in this blog,however we need to get the word out to our readers about a very important happening in PR.

Puerto Rican nationals living in the United States will be required to get a new copy of their birth certificates. The country's governor Luis Fortuño made it official that all birth certificates processed prior to December 2009 will be null and void in the eyes of any federal agency.

There is a huge rush anticipated as the deadline for getting a copy of a certificate of birth from Puerto Rico approaches and individuals are advised to start the process for replacing their birth certificates as quickly as possible.

The transition period for people to obtain new birth certificates from Puerto Rico will end July 1, 2010 so you only have a short period of time to get your paperwork in and processed.

In order to get the process started to obtain your Puerto Rican certificate of birth, you will need to contact our offices to start the process to obtain your birth certificate.

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