Thursday, December 17, 2009

San Juan Fun - Paseo de la Princesa

Paseo de la Princesa
San Juan, PR 00902
+1 787 721 2400
Open HoursDawn till Dusk

Located in the southern tip of Old San Juan, this stylish promenade hosted a former Spanish prison, which now houses the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

It offers breathtaking views of the San Juan Bay and is bordered by a huge colonial wall. Several cultural activities are held here throughout the year. Walking the full promenade also offers views of Isla de Cabras , a beautiful small island located in the bay.

The Paseo is the place for an afternoon 'Piragua', a traditional Puerto Rican sweet concoction made from ice and tropical fruit syrups.

This is a family friendly venue and is also great for couples that simply want to walk hand-in-hand and enjoy each other's company.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Puerto Rico - Wreck Diving

Most people get the diving bug simply from snorkeling. Then comes the lessons for SCUBA diving and then after the sport diving begins inevitably the truly adventurous begin looking for more diving challenges such as tri-mix air for deeper dives, cave diving or wreck diving.

Puerto Rico has a few cool wrecks to dive and every diver should make a mark on their diving dance card to check these out:

The reef life around Puerto Rico is amazingly diverse. With brightly colored fishes, eagle rays, morays, groupers, and the occasional nurse shark. There are numerous shipwrecks that are still hidden in the shallow water surrounding Puerto Rico waiting to be discovered and occasionally gold doubloons are still found.

Here are a few more wreck diving destinations in Puerto Rico:

The Airplane wreck is the remains of a six passenger Piper Cherokee monoplane. The Piper, which was built in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, is now resting in 50 feet of water. Much of the aircraft is covered by sponge and coral and the reef life is usually very active for both day and night dives.

There is an old, decommissioned Navy destroyer sunk off the east end of Vieques Island. The ship was once used for target practice and is now very broken up and scattered in 35 to 40 feet of water. The Destroyer wreck is resting on a sandy bottom and holds a good amount of marine life.

This wreck is an 80 foot long, ocean going tug that ran aground on Culebrita Reef. The wreck is sitting upright and intact in very shallow water of only 40 feet and is ideal for divers just learning to explore wrecks because of it's shallow placement. Coral, sponge and a good assortment of marine creatures can be found all over this wreck.

An old sugar cane barge of unknown origin lies about one mile off the shore of Cayo Santiago off Humacao. This wreck lies intact and upright in forty feet of water on a sand and grass bottom. The marine life is fairly sparse but there is almost no current and is easy for new divers to navigate.

If you are ready to visit Puerto Rico, get a copy of your birth certificate and get your passport ready and visit soon. The diving is good almost all year round and it's the best from May through October.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Puerto Rico has a Lot to Offer

Gran Canaria by SPOT SatelliteImage via WikipediaPuerto Rico that is officially known as commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an autonomously governed body of the United States of America situated in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is an archipelago consisted of main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands and Keys.

The island is rich in a number of beautiful locations around it. Its central mountain range goes as high as 1,338 meter at Cerro de Punta and it is the only tropical rainforest in the United States. El Yunque in Puerto Rico is quite popular for its beaches, turquoise waters and soft yellow sand. It is a great tourist center and a number of cultures get merges here and nightlife here is exceptional beyond the expectation of a person to enjoy it.

Puerto Rico features two main beaches - Puerto Rico Beach and Amadores Beach. Puerto Rico Beach lies between two harbors and is full of soft golden sand that kids love to make into huge sandcastles. The clear waters offer fantastic opportunities to go scuba diving and dolphin-watching on one of the many boats available. A path links the two beaches and the views along the way make the walk worthwile - plus, the waters at Amadores are perfect for cooling off!

Puerto Rico has three of the large commercial centres that are common to the tourist areas of Gran Canaria, the largest of these being the Centro Civico that offers everything from souvenir shops to supermarkets, restaurants to bars. The bars around Puerto Rico provide a lively nightlife for all which lasts until the early hours of the morning.

Close to the Centro Civico is the picturesque marina that exhibits luxurious yachts and is the main place where holiday makers have their choice of sedate or extreme water sports to try out depending on their level of daring!

Getting around Puerto Rico is extremely easy and the surrounding areas of Gran Canaria. Air-conditioned buses run frequently and taxis are both safe to use and extremely cheap. There is plenty of activites around the resort such as mini-golf, squash and tennis courts and of course there is always the mandatory trip to the Aqua Park which provides a fun and sun filled day for everyone, with thrills and spills on the hair raising waterslides!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Puerto Rico and Art

When most people think of vacationing in Puerto Rico they are not necessarily thinking of the type of scenery they can experience except the natural type. However, Puerto Rico while a beautiful island is not just known for that. There are many talented and prolific artists in this beautiful land.

Puerto Rico is filled with many beautiful galleries and museums that are brimming with wonderful and colorful native artists. Many are in the capital of San Juan but there are great ones outside the city as well. The Centro de Artes Populares is a well known center for Puerto Rican Artists. Information on it follows below taken from the site Puerto Rican Painter dot com.

Centro de Artes PopularesCentro de Artes Populares
( San Juan , Puerto Rico )

This restored colonial building houses the Popular Arts Center of the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena. Three galleries hold changing exhibitions of works by Puerto Rican artisans. There is also a shop on the premises that offers a diverse selection of crafts, ranging from traditional Puerto Rican musical instruments, such as the cuatro, to santos , the carved wooden saints for which the island is famous. Jewelry, straw hats, pottery, furniture, sculptures, rugs and prints of typical Puerto Rican life round out the inventory.
253 Calle Cristo
Old San Juan
Mon-Sat 9:30am-5pm
Free admission

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Good Time to Visit Puerto Rico?

Perspective view of the sea floor of the Atlan...Image via WikipediaWith the economic crisis that is going on in the United States many people are hesitant about traveling. This makes perfect sense because whenever the economy takes a turn for the worse people hold off on things that they consider a luxury. However, if you are going to travel, then picking Puerto Rico as a vacation spot could be a wise choice financially.

Unfortunately, for Puerto Rico the country is going through an economic crisis even worse than what the United States is experiencing. What this means to any traveler is that the dollar will be stronger and will buy more than it did in the past. Consequently, if you are going to travel at all then Puerto Rico is a smart destination financially. Puerto Rico is also a smart destination just for the fact it is beautiful place to visit.

There is quite a lot to do there as well as the island being beautiful and relaxing. It will be even more relaxing when you're on vacation, and you know that you're getting the best quality for your money. So, start packing your bags and get ready for your tropical Puerto Rico vacation.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Breaking Travel News

San Juan, Puerto RicoImage via WikipediaGood News for all of the Regent Hotels and Resorts fans. The company has just broken ground for the building of its newest hotel and resort, The Regent Palmas del Mar Puerto Rico. The resort will be located 30 minutes southeast of San Juan.

The resort promises to be a wonderful luxurious addition to an already lush area. The Regent Palmas del Mar Puerto Rico will have 150 rooms and will offer beachfront accommodations. It is scheduled to open in December of 2011. So for any travelers to Puerto Rico, this will be a future bright spot to look forward to visiting.

Of course with everything that is already available in Puerto Rico there is no reason to wait until this resort is done. Travelers that are looking for a great vacation experience should definitely put Puerto Rico on their itinerary.

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